Is an innovative web-based application designed to streamline event management. It offers a comprehensive solution to replace traditional paper-based methods, providing a modern, efficient approach to organizing and executing events. With EventMate, you can easily manage every aspect of your event from a single platform, ensuring a seamless and professional experience.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Event Day

EventMate offers a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces printing expenses and paper waste, helping organizations save money and be environmentally conscious. It enhances communication by ensuring everyone is updated in real-time with the latest event details, keeping your team and attendees informed and engaged. The app centralizes all event-related information in one easily accessible platform, improving organization and efficiency. It also boosts sponsor visibility by highlighting them within the app, giving them the recognition they deserve. Additionally, EventMate allows for effortless information distribution through QR codes or custom URLs, making it simple for everyone to stay connected and informed on event day.

Client Experience

"As an early adopter of EventMate I have been thoroughly impressed with its capabilities and the transformation it has brought to our event. The platform has streamlined our communication to guests, significantly reducing our reliance on paper and enhancing our overall efficiency. The ability to upload and edit event details on the fly, including inevitable event day changes, has been invaluable. Our sponsors have also appreciated the increased visibility and recognition they receive through the app. EventMate has truly revolutionized how we deliver our events, making the experience seamless and professional for both our team and attendees. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to modernize their event management approach."
Geoffrey Chown Director, Events, CAMH Foundation

Non Profits

EventMate cuts printing costs and boosts sponsor recognition. Upload floorplans, seating charts, programs, bios, and link directly to donation pages and auction sites for engaging attendees.

Event Planners

EventMate eliminates the need for clipboards and printed materials by providing a digital platform. Your team and clients can access it, ensuring all vendors are promptly informed of any updates. Easily distribute the QR code for seamless communication.