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We Are Fluid Events

For 15 years, Fluid Events has been a partner of Canadian not-for-profit organizations. Our clients trust us with their events because we have stood in their fundraising shoes so we understand their goals – and are passionate about helping them achieve them.

Sabrina Roy

Originally from the North Bay area, this small-town girl had no idea that her interest and passion for fundraising would one day make her an entrepreneur and give her the dream career. She first made her mark in the events world in 2003 at the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity and has been unstoppable ever since – working in both the independent school sector and with a large national charity.

Winding back to 2015, Fluid was founded around a crazy idea and a unique business model. At the time, Sabrina knew she was ready for change, but wanted to continue to give back to those across the city. Fast forward to 2018 and she’s still stunned at the impact Fluid has brought to her growing roster of clients and the friendships it's brought along the way.

Today and throughout the industry, Sabrina is praised as a mentor, a fundraising guru and your go-to events genius, helping charities surpass every goal they set with exceptional service and experience. She is regularly celebrated for her heart of gold and undeniable talent, pulling off any request possible.

When she’s not ruling the nonprofit sector and collaborating with major nonprofits across the GTA, you can find her dining around Toronto with her closest friends and strolling the streets with her sidekick Tito. If you’re looking for a cool restaurant to try or someone to completely overhaul your yearly event – Sabrina is your girl!


Kaila Currie-Bartlett

Tangled in the events world for quite some time now, Kaila had no idea that she would end up doing it as a full-time career. From small-scale university events to an intern with the Invictus Games Toronto organizing committee, Kaila landed with Fluid at just the right time.

Joining us late last fall, she dove head first as a client relations associate for LIMITLESS: Special Olympics Canada Gala and today is now heavily involved across the board. From sponsorship to guest registration, to communications and silent auctions, Kaila doesn’t hesitate to take on any major project. Although, she’s new to working in the city and Toronto’s subway system, she quickly learning the ropes of life in the Six.

When she’s not championing for her roster of clients, you can find her on the soccer field or following all things sports related. One of the best things about her is that she brings her athlete mindset from off the pitch and into the nonprofit work sphere.

Kristi Sage

Kristi first began her career commuting hours on end to make it to her daily 9 to 5 gig. After years of frustration and wanting to start a family, she fell into the events world working with the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity and then Camp Quality Southern Ontario.  

Quickly discovering her knack for planning and execution, there was no doubt Kristi realized her love for events, its chaos and the beautiful end result. In early 2017, she joined the Fluid team and is known for her infectious smile and positive energy. She regularly manages volunteers and committee members and these lovable qualities make her unbeatable in keeping members returning year after year.

Beyond the events world, Kristi is a mother of 2 and an avid runner. When she’s not triumphing for the greater good and spreading her warmth, she travelling the globe with her family running half marathons.


Adopted 2 years ago, Tito was hired on the spot as business partner and Sabrina’s sidekick. Although his name sounds giant and mighty, the Chinese Crested Chihuahua is undeniably the cutest and smallest member of the team. When he’s in the office, you can catch him snoozing or happily introducing himself to anyone who gives him a quick glance.

We wish you the best of luck not falling in love with this sassy little ball of fur!

Judi Steadman 

Ever since she was young, Judi can remember being the go to social convener. From the student council days of planning dances and spirit events - it was obvious that fundraising and events was in her blood. 

Beyond those highschool memories, Judi has excelled and built her career in both the corporate and nonprofit sector. Over the past few years she had the opportunity to live in the United States and work with both a global zoo and a nonprofit breast cancer research organization. Recently, she’s moved back to her roots and hometown of Toronto, following her passion of nonprofits and social issues, ensuring every event she’s involved in is a fundraising success. Although Judi is new to the Fluid team, her dynamic, compassionate and innovative abilities make her a key member as the head of business development. 

If you’re ever looking for Judi beyond the corporate sponsor and fundraising world, you can find her cooking up something fabulous in the kitchen for the ones she loves most. 

Tayler Holdright

Immediately submerging herself in the nonprofit world after university, Tayler dove head first as the Community Engagement Coordinator at REACH. Within a few weeks, she quickly realized her obvious talent and passion for making a difference, allowing her to manage the organizations volunteers for their game partnership with the MLSE Foundation. Only growing from there on, Tayler took on various major responsibilities, including the execution of their yearly golf tournaments, galas, and third party events. 

Knowing she made the right move after post-secondary, Tayler adores the fact that she gets to participate in collaboration on the daily. One of her favourite things about this industry is being a key player of all the moving parts that go on behind the scenes to bring these major events to life. Although she is new to our team in 2018, she is excited to bring her past fundraising experience to the table, making her another one of our unstoppable event dynamos. 

Outside of her excitement towards fundraising, Tayler has a love for exploring new places and travel. Wherever she goes, her keen eye helps her find the best flea markets and antique shops in town.

Work With Us

If you value a creative, cost-conscious and passionate approach to fundraising; if you believe fundraising can – and should – be done better; if you are ready to make the extraordinary the calling card of your organization’s fundraising efforts, then it is time to give us a call. We are ready to help you imagine what could be.