What We Do

We bring causes to life through engaging, professional events. We are also diligent stewards of our clients’ budgets, relationships and brands. We know that every dollar, every contact is an opportunity to build our clients’ reputations and we treat their mission as our own.

  • Volunteer & Committee Management
  • Live & Silent Auction Management
  • Onsite Fundraising Strategy & Activations
  • Guest Management
  • Table & Ticket Sales Management
  • Sponsorship Activations
  • Event Logistics
  • Event Consulting & Strategy


Volunteer and Committee Management

We are team builders. Volunteers are the life blood of your organization and we treat them as such. We begin with respect and end up with supporters who feel valued for their contributions at each step of the process.

Silent and Live Auction Management

We are curators. With an experienced and organized eye, we bring together the items and the process you need to maximize the success of your auction efforts.

Onsite Fundraising Strategy & Activations 

We are innovators. Trust us to bring the latest in fundraising technology to the party. We make it easy for donors to give onsite – and for you to sleep at night knowing we are managing every detail from auction cataloguing to the cash out process and post mortem.

Guest Management

We are connectors – and excellent hosts. Your commitment to exceptional relationships is reflected in each step of our process – from managing RSVPs to ensuring your guests feel welcome and immersed in an experience that will continue to inspire them.

Table & Ticket Sales Management

We are organizers. We’ve never met a detail we didn’t love, so leave the administration to us knowing it is in order and in hand.

Sponsorship Activations

We are inspired match makers. We’ll work with you and your sponsors to ensure their visibility at your event is professional and creative – and something they will have been proud to be a part of.

Event Logistics 

We are achievers. We thrive on the exceptional. Getting each detail just right fuels our creativity and reflects our commitment to deliver the extraordinary.

Event Consulting & Strategy

We are collaborators. We value face-to-face opportunities to really understand what you want – and what you need – from a special event

Like what we offer?

Without question, we are event planning dynamos and proud to be known for our go-getting, no-stone-unturned approach to fundraising. But if you still need more; if you want a team who is wholly invested in the success of your event and cause; and if you share our belief that every event is a chance to make the world a better place, then give us a call. We are ready when you are.